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M4 - Operations and Process Management

Date:   Apr 27, 2021 - Jul 27, 2021
Time:   6:30 PM (CDT)
Location:   Virtual Online, Instructor Led (Manitoba)

Operations and process management involves the management of resources and value-added activities to transform inputs into outputs (goods and services).  Operations Managers make strategic and tactical decisions in the areas of capacity, facilities, technology, sourcing, workforce, quality and planning.  As a supply chain professional, you should understand the scope and complexity of operations management.

Upon completion of this module candidates should be able to:
  • Analyze, discuss and present case reports.
  • Understand the nature of operations management in making tactical and strategic decisions for the organization.
  • Identify and discuss operations transformation processes and relate them to operational conditions such as stages in the product life cycle (PLC).
  • Explain the relationships between process flow, capacity, bottlenecks, variability, lead time and inventory.
  • Apply appropriate tools to solve product and service quality problems and process improvement problems. 
  • Explain the basic elements of a lean production system (e.g., the Toyota Production System), value-added activity and elimination of waste in the system.
  • Explain the project planning process, develop the work breakdown structure and network (and associated critical path) for a project, and use this to solve project-related problems.
  • Discuss issues concerning the process of new product development, including the management of the prototyping and innovation process.
  • Apply operations strategy, in the context of operational capabilities, philosophies of operations, performance frontiers, competitive position, capacity strategies and operations improvement strategies. Evaluate operations management at your organization.

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