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M6 - Global Sourcing

Date:   Oct 29, 2019 - Dec 10, 2019
Time:   6:00 PM (CDT)
Location:   SCMA Manitoba Office
Suite 200 - 5 Donald Street
Winnipeg, MB

M6 - Global Sourcing

Presenter - TBD

The goal of this module is to help SCMP candidates become more acquainted with the issues and the strategy of global sourcing. This module is supported by a variety of articles on global sourcing, along with some websites on global business and economics. Candidates will do a variety of individual and group activities including in-class discussions and case studies.

Candidates will focus on analyzing commodities from foreign countries and discussing the benefits, risks and challenges of pursuing global sourcing arrangements.


Upon completion of this module, candidates will be able to:

  • Understand major issues of the global sourcing environment, such as barriers and facilitators to global sourcing, with special reference to low-cost country sourcing.
  • Conduct a total cost of ownership (TCO) comparison, including pre-transaction, transaction and post-transaction costs and of sourcing an item domestically vs. from a low-cost country.
  • Identify and discuss some critical business and social issues of sourcing from lowcost countries, including child labour and countertrade.
  • Identify important issues in the NAFTA sourcing environment, such as drivers and challenges to sourcing from Mexico and the United States.
  • Estimate or project the impact of national politics, currency rates, oil prices, etc. on the viability of NAFTA sourcing.
  • Determine the role of trade corridors and inland ports as facilitators to NAFTA trade.
  • Discuss the role and function of intermediaries in global sourcing and compare the costs and benefits of indirect versus direct dealing in global sourcing.
  • Recommend direct or indirect distribution and (if indirect) a type of intermediary to support a specific global sourcing scenario.
  • Describe the purpose and characteristics of the Incoterms® 2010. Recommend when to use various means of payment available to importers/buyers.
  • Discuss the impact of currency exchange on global sourcing risk.
  • Discuss intellectual property and threats to it, including piracy and counterfeit goods and understand other security issues, including hijacking, bottlenecks and terrorism.
  • Identify risks and challenges associated with supply chains and sourcing in China, India, Latin America and Africa.
  • Develop a supply chain methodology to support the sourcing of a product from a foreign country


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